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Admission procedure is administered by the Coordinator with the support of all Partner Universities. Applications to the FINDATA Study Programme shall be submitted via online platform run by the Coordinator before the end of the application deadline.

The selection of successful applicants will be organized by all Partner Universities together (the Consortium). The detailed admission criteria will be stipulated by the Board of Directors in cooperation with all Partner Universities. Unless there is a change, the criteria used for the previous year shall apply.

To be eligible for admission to the FINDATA study programme, students must have graduated from a bachelor degree study programme, demonstrate English language proficiency and meet the other admission criteria agreed to by the Parties. Students who have not yet finished bachelor degree may be eligible for admission to the FINDATA study programme through the selection process, under the conditions that they obtain this bachelor degree before enrolling in the FINDATA Study Programme.

To enter the FINDATA Study Programme, candidate must have at least academic Bachelor degree (minimum of 180 ECTS credits) in either Economics, Finance, Business Administration or similar fields od education, or in IT, Engineering, Technical Science, mathematics, Physics, Chemistry or similar fields of education with sufficient knowledge of mathematics. The applicant must have a sufficient level of English of at least B2, or at least 1 academic year of comprehensive English instruction.

The admission procedure is two-round. In the first round, the applicants are ranked on the basis of their results in the previous level of study, motivation (motivation letter) and letters of recommendation. Representatives of all Partner Universities evaluate each applicant independently, and the final ranking is the average of these rankings. Candidates not fulfilling the criteria set out will receive 0 points and will not be evaluated in the first round. In the second round, the top-ranked students are invited to an online interview, which is attended by representatives of at least two Partner Universities for each individual student. The final ranking of the applicants is determined by the results of both the first and second rounds.

The results of the selection procedure are provided to the Coordinator. The formal admission decision is sent to every applicant by the Coordinator and signed by the dean of the Faculty of Economics and Administration (UPCE). The decision will be issued in accordance with Czech legislation. The Coordinator shall inform all other Partner Universities that the admission decisions have been issued and which selected applicants have been enrolled into the FINDATA Study Programme.

Applicants become students of the FINDATA Study Programme on the day of enrolment in studies at the Coordinator. In addition, every FINDATA student shall be enrolled locally by each Partner University where he/she spends one semester within one week after his/her arrival.

The Coordinator will exchange information with Partner Universities on admitted and enrolled students without delay. The Parties undertake to exchange regularly, at least twice a year at the end of each semester, the related information about students enrolled in the FINDATA study programme, including the transfer of records and study documentation. The Parties will immediately exchange information of high importance, e.g. a student’s interruption of study, disciplinary issues and procedures, or procedures leading to termination of a student’s study. The Parties will ensure that any transfer of information takes place only if permitted by the respective data protection regulations and is managed in accordance with those regulations. A separate agreement on data protection between all Partner Universities will set the detailed obligations.