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Joint Diploma

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Joint Diploma

The graduates of the FINDATA study programme shall receive a joint diploma signed by all the Partner Universities representatives certifying the programme completion, which form is to be in accordance with the laws of all the states where the Partner Universities are based. The award ceremony will take place at the Coordinator and representatives of all other Partner University may attend it. Details of the diploma layout and its template will be agreed separately.

The European standard assessment scheme will be used and adjusted evaluation presented in the supplement of the diploma according to the confirmed adjustment of study outcome evaluation (see Table 1). All studied subjects are described in the supplement as well as their credits, classroom hours, evaluation and the average score.

Joint diploma is issued when a student passes successfully all the study subjects of the FINDATA study programme and (a) defends his/her Master’s Thesis and (b) according to the laws of the Czech Republic passes the state final exam, which covers the defence of Master’s Thesis and assessment of selected theoretical courses knowledge, which will be verified/tested by the scholar representing University of Pardubice in the Examination Committee during the Master’s Thesis defence.