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The universities all bring an added value to the joint study programme. The University of Pardubice, as coordinator, will arrange the admission procedure and start teaching in the first semester. Students will receive basic information in the field of finance and through the selection of one of the elective courses, it will be ensured that students with Bachelor's degrees from different fields will have the same basic knowledge of both economic and IT subjects at EUC, they will continue their studies in IT subjects. In the third semester, students will decide between the specialization - Financial Markets (Vilnius) or Corporate Finance (LUMSA). In the last semester they will write their thesis at one of the selected universities.

SemesterStudent mobility
The week immediately preceding the start of the semester

Introduction week at University of Pardubice: 

Introduction to the study programme, acquaintance with specializations, all partner universities participate by sending a lecturer

Semester I

Studies at University of Pardubice: 

All students

Semester II

Studies at European University Cyprus: 

All students

After the 2nd semester

Summer School in Cyprus:

Introduction of Master’s thesis topics by all partner universities.

Semester III

Studies at LUMSA or Vilnius University: 

Students are to choose one of the two universities according to their preference. LUMSA university will offer specialisation in Corporate Finance, Vilnius University specialisation in Financial Markets.

Semester IV

Studies at any of the partner universities:

Master’s thesis per 30 ECTS credits at any university chosen by the student.