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Submitting application on the website – deadline for the 2024/2025 academic year is 31 March, 2024, E-applications will be available from 12 December, 2023 online at

Pay E-Application fee CZK 2,000.-till 31 March, 2024
Pay for internal assessmenttill 31 March, 2024

(assessment is done by the Faculty of Economics and Administration in case you cannot prove your previous studies with nostrification issued by the CZ government)
Payment details are visible in the E-application.
The administrative fee is non-refundable!

Sending application attachments in English electronically (via email) to till 31 March, 2024 (motivation letter, two reference letters).

Submit and send the documents listed below (via post/forwarder) Submit and send the documents listed below (via post/forwarder) till 31 March, 2024:

  • Curriculum vitae in English
  • Copy of passport
  • Two photographs in passport size
  • Supporting documents (certified copies - not the originals!) for assessment of applicant's previous education of CZK 600.- in case of not providing Czech recognition of Bachelor's education more details:

Delivery address
Faculty of Economics and Administration
University of Pardubice
Barbora Pašková
Studentská 95
Pardubice 53210
The Czech Republic

Acceptance Requirements

  • Fully completed a bachelor's degree or a master's degree.
  • Submit a nostrification or request verification of your bachelor's degree by the Faculty of Economics and Administration (internal evaluation of the previous study is done for admission purposes only).
  • Applicants must have an academic bachelor's degree (with a minimum of 180 ECTS credits) in either economics, finance, business management or a similar field, or in IT, technical sciences (including engineering and construction), mathematics, physics, chemistry, or a similar field with sufficient knowledge of mathematics.
  • Knowledge of English at a minimum level B2, which must be proved by an official Certificate or by studying in English for at least one year.
  • The applicant is required to pay the tuition fees and administration fees during the time specified above.
  • Meet other admission criteria agreed by the partners universities.

Detailed admission criteria

Only applicants who meet the Acceptance Requirements listed above will be evaluated in the first round. If they do not meet these conditions, they will be awarded 0 points.

1st runtill 31 March 2024
  • Results of studies at the bachelor's degree level (study average)
  • Motivation letter
  • Two reference letters

Motivation letter and reference letters should be sent electronically to email

2nd runfrom 10 April, 2024 to 30 April, 2024
  • Candidates with the highest scores from the first round are invited to an online interview.

The final ranking of applicants is determined by the results of the first and second rounds.

Taking Decisions on Acceptance

At most, a total of 100 applicants will be accepted into the full-time study programme based on their overall ranking.
Due to the low number of applicants, the Dean may decide not to open the study programme.

Notice of Acceptance

The results of the admission procedure will be published on the University of Pardubice website no later than 5. 5. 2024. The Dean's Admission Letter will be ready to be picked up or posted the same day (CZ post or another forwarder).

Review Proceedings

According to the § 50, par. 7 of the law no. 111/1998 Col., on universities and the change and completion of other laws (Law on Universities) as amended by the subsequent regulation, the applicant who has not been accepted or his/her authorized representative may apply for a review of the resolution within 30 days from the delivery day of the resolution, which should be sent to the attention of the Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Administration University of Pardubice.

Payment of Tuition Fee

The tuition fee is set at EUR 6,000 per academic year. The payment must be made immediately after admission but no later than on the day of enrolment, which has been set for 20 September 2024.

Once paid, the tuition fee is returnable only after submitting the confirmation of visa denial issued by the authorized Embassy of the Czech Republic to the Department of Education at FEA (refunds on tuition fees will be deducted a EUR 30 processing fee).

Registration of Study

The student is obliged to appear on the day of registration at the Department of Education, which is set up for the first week of the academic year. For academic year 2024/25 the day for registration has been set out for 20 September, 2024. In the event the student does not attend the registration of study without written excuse within 5 days, their studies will be terminated immediately.

Deferment of Study

It is not possible to apply for the deferment of study.


Admission procedure AY 2024/2025
Calendar with deadlines

Deadline for submitting an application to study12. 12. 2023 – 31. 3. 2024
Deadline for payment of administrative feestill 31. 3. 2024
An officially certified copy of the Bachelor's diploma and Diploma supplement with translation into English and authentication of the document. (superlegalization, apostille)

Foreign Education Verification | Univerzita Pardubice (
till 31. 3. 2024
Sending application attachments in English electronically to
(motivation letter, two reference letters)
till 31. 3. 2024
Tuition fees payment no later than the day of enrolmentTuition fees payment no later than the day of enrolment
Online interview10. 4. 2024 – 30. 4. 2024
Deadline for publication of results 1st roundtill 5. 5. 2024
Enrolment of accepted applicants to the 1st year20. 9. 2024

Delivery address 

University of Pardubice
Faculty of Economics and Administration
Barbora Pašková
Studentská 84
532 10 Pardubice
Czech Republic


Entrance Examination Evaluation

Overall grade of BSc (or preliminary grade if not finished yet)
Overall grade of BScQuality of the institution (THE quartile)
0-10 (weight 1.5; maximum points in total 15)0-10 (weight 1; maximum points in total 10)
Relevant study subjects during BSc study, previously obtained MSc degree, relevant extra-academic qualifications, and/or relevant professional experience
Relevant subjects and marks during BScNumber of years since last graduation (BSc or MSc) – the longer, the less pointsAdditional relevant MSc study or work experience since BSc graduationExtra-academic qualifications
0-10 (weight 2; maximum points in total 20)0-10 (weight 0.5; maximum points in total 5)0-10 (weight 1; maximum points in total 10)0-10 (weight 0.5; maximum points in total 5)
Motivation letter
Clear description of own qualifications and experienceCoherence of own intended career with FINDATA study programmeQuality of language use
0-5 (weight 0.5; maximum points in total 5)0-5 (weight 0.5; maximum points in total 5)0-5 (weight 0.5; maximum points in total 5)
Reference letters (two)
Refer to academic and scientific qualifications and potential of the candidate with regard to the FINDATA programmeRefer to professional qualifications and/or potential of the candidateRefer to personal qualifications and/or potential of the candidate
0-10 (weight 1; maximum points in total 10)0-10 (weight 0.5; maximum points in total 5)0-10 (weight 0.5; maximum points in total 5)


  • Each candidate will be evaluated within a point range.
  • All points obtained will be added together.
  • Total a maximum of 100 points may be awarded.
  • Applicants with a total score of less than 50 points will not be admitted to the FINDATA study programme.


Portál UPa - Electronic application (