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Examination / thesis

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Examination / thesis

The FINDATA study programme is based on principles of the EU common higher education area, therefore, students’ learning outcomes in the Partner University are acknowledged automatically. The learning outcomes of the students of the FINDATA study programme are accounted according to the requirements of the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS).

The Partner Universities undertake to recognize the successful completion of the study obligations and the assessment of students and obtained degrees within the scope of the FINDATA Study Programme under this Agreement without further examination of equivalency.

Each Partner University releases and grants each student, studying in that particular Partner University, a Transcript of Records indicating his/her academic performances and number of credits obtained at the Partner University. The Partner Universities undertake to recognise learning outcomes as confirmed in this Transcript of Records from other Partner Universities.

The local grading system is used for the assessment of the workload achieved by the students. Partner Universities agree on the evaluation adjustment.

The re-taking of examinations, repetition of study subjects, order for re-examination of appeals concerning assessment of outcomes, order of dealing with appeals are regulated by legal documents of the Partner University where the student has been enrolled for studying. If a conflict, violation of academic ethics, procedural actions arise, appropriate structures of a university, where the student has been studying when such situation occurred, perform following the set functions, if needed, collaborating with structures of all Partner Universities.

The final assessment of the student competence providing joint master’s degree is evaluation of the Master’s Thesis and its public defence. Whereas at the University of Pardubice, defence of Master’s Thesis is integrated into the final leaving exam, all students of the programme will be defending their Master Thesis and the academics from University of Pardubice, who are participating in the Examination Committee, will ask theoretical questions which have to be answered by the student to pass the final leaving exam and obtain the joint diploma.

After the second semester, the students choose the research advisor to supervise their Master’s Thesis, adjust with him/her the topic of Master’s Thesis which is approved before the third semester.

Master’s Thesis is assessed by Examination Committee of the university the student has chosen for the Master Thesis supervision. If the right of appeal against assessment of Master’s Thesis is granted by the individual Partner University where the student has been supervised, then it shall be processed according to the order of appeals concerning graduation theses approved at the respective Partner University.