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The master's joint degree programme in financial data analytics and sustainable finance is a collaboration between four European universities in the Czech Republic, Cyprus, Italy, and Lithuania. It aims to equip graduates with comprehensive knowledge of finance and advanced technologies to cope with the challenges of financial innovation.

FINDATA is an English-language programme that allows students to experience various European universities. They begin their studies in Pardubice, the Czech Republic, then move on to Nicosia, Cyprus, and later select either Rome, Italy, or Vilnius, Lithuania. They also have the option to choose any of the four universities for their final semester thesis. The study programme offers students a choice of two specialisations: corporate finance, or financial markets.

  • Selected concepts and contexts of finance and economics
  • New trends in banking and FinTech, including data analytics and innovative technologies
  • The concept of innovation and its determinants, and how to finance sustainable innovation
  • Statistical and econometric methods for analysing economic and financial time series
  • Information technologies and software products for analytical, presentation, and management activities in finance
  • Potential and limitations of big data analytics
  • Common European values and effective EU legislation in finance

The study programme prepares graduates for various careers in finance, such as financial analyst, bank broker, investment advisor, etc. They can work in financial markets, banks, insurance, fintech, and other sectors. The study programme will be launched in September 2024. Registration starts in December 2023. The tuition fee is 6,000 euro per academic year